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Here you can get access to upgrade options, drivers, manuals, video and image guides. In order to get to the right place you would need to answer some basic questions. You will be asked to locate and read computer's serial number which can be found inside of a computer case. The image below will teach you on how to read your Serial Number properly.


Please follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Select Year.

2. Select Month.

3. Select proper Serial Number from provided list.




1. Select Year: 20 (2020) 21 (2021) 22 (2022)  





2. Select Month:  

01 (January)


02 (February)

03 (March)  

04 (April)


05 (May)

06 (June)

07 (July)


08 (August) 09 (September)

10 (October)


11 (November) 12 (December)


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